Winchester Bonfire and Fireworks isn’t just an event for locals – It attracts visitors from far and wide! The city’s biggest charity event had visitors from as far as the USA last year, and we’ve seen an order come in from Spain for 2019.

With attendees travelling further to get to us year on year, we realised that we needed to make it really easy for our event visitors to find our procession and of course the bonfire itself.

So this year we’ve utilised location mapping from what3words. Have you heard of them?

They are quickly becoming the ‘go to’ people for finding locations – They’re even being used for those trying to get emergency services to a specific place that may be difficult to describe. Pretty nifty, huh?

For those who aren’t familiar, you might be wondering what actually is what3words?

Basically, what3words is a super simple way to talk about location. They’ve mapped the world into 3m x 3m squares and assigned these squares with 3 unique words that will never change.

For example, Winchester Rock Choir will start our evening off in style by performing at Winchester Guildhall at 5pm – Or in What3words speak, at ///waffle.quick.intervene.

Our firework display will take place at ///sectors.flanked.barbarian .

All of this will make much more sense if you head over to their website or app and type in these words or a location you would like to find. Have a go here:

The rest of our procession points, mapped by What3words, are on our website here:

We’re super excited about this and would love to hear your feedback. Will you use What3words to find us? If you do, let us know what you think!

Haven’t got your tickets yet? There’s still time! You can order them online for delivery, order them online for on the day pick up, or you can buy them in person from one of our city centre vendors. All the information is on our website here:

See you on the 9th November for our firework spectacular!  

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