Please keep your children with you at all times. For lost children, please contact one of our stewards so that we can put out a request on the public address system. Our stewards and the public will be asked to bring lost children to the ‘Lost Children’ point at the Cricket Pavilion, which is by the Nuns Road entrance.

Disabled Access

To guarantee access to the Disabled viewing area, please arrive on the site by 6.30pm. The Disabled drop off location is via the Nuns Road site entrance.

Wax Torches

The sale of wax torches will be prohibited to persons under the age of 18. Once a torch has been purchased, it will become the responsibility of the purchaser. For other people’s safety, wax torches are not to be given to children. You cannot bring a wax torch onto the Bonfire and Fireworks site.


For other people’s safety, please refrain from bringing sparklers to the site. Sparklers will be confiscated at our entry gate.


Dogs are not permitted on the site due to the loud noise of the fireworks, and to ensure the safety of the public as they are a trip hazard in the dark. Please do not bring dogs to the event.


Any persons deemed to be heavily under the influence of alcohol will be refused entry to the Bonfire and Fireworks site. Our decision is final. Alcohol will be confiscated by our stewards at the entry gates and will be destroyed.

Keeping You Safe

Our stewards, security staff and the Police will be conducting both covert and overt operations on the Bonfire and Fireworks site and within the city centre before, during and after the event. Please co-operate with them fully.