The Routes & Dates (6pm Start)

We will be bringing your torches to your area on the below dates.

Order by 1pm for pick up en-route that evening.

To Follow the progress of the Sleigh, please click on our Santa Sleigh Tracker from just before 6pm each evening.

Santa's Sleigh

Mon 26th October
Abbotts Barton & Hyde

Cassandra Road, Lea View, Northanger Drive, Francis Garden, Grosvenor Drive, Chaundler Road, Charles Close, Chandler Road, Russell Road, Worthy Road, Arthur Road, Nuns Road, Saxon Road, Monks Road, Danes Road, Ebert Road.

Tues 27th October
Badger Farm

May Tree Close, Meadow Way, Falcon View, Meadow Way, Plough Way, Harrow Down, Plough Way, Lowden Close, Plough Way, Honeysuckle Close, Ashbarn Crescent, Swift Close, Kerstrel Close, Ashbarn Cresent/ Rooksdown Road Junction.

Weds 28th October

Greenhill Road/Corners Close, Cheriton Road, Milverton Road, Fordington Avenue, Stockbridge Road, Hatherley Road, Brassey Road, Cranworth Road, Fairfield Road, Western Road, Avenue Road, Elm Road

Thurs 29th October
Kings Barton, Harestock & Weeke

Manley Road, Winchester Avenue, Bingham Road, Ranulph Road, Gardiner Road, Pinsent Road, Andover Road, Hambledon Close, Burley Road, Priors Dean Road (Partial), March Hare Public House, Upton Grey Close, Taplings Road, Rowlings Road, Devenish Road, Westman Road, Fromond Road (Partial), Trussell Crescent, Fleming Road.

Fri 30th October

Turnpike Down, Winnall Manor Road, Firmstone Road, Garbett Road, Winnall Manor Road, Shepards Road, Longfield Road, Winnall Manor Road (Dennett House), Winnall Manor Road, Imber Road.

Mon 2nd November
Oliver's Battery & Winchester Village

Old Kennels Lane, Sunnydown Road, Old Kennels Lane, Olivers Battery Road South, Compton Road, South View Road, Priors Way, Olivers Battery Road South. Pitt Road, Knight Crescent, King Drive, Manor Road, Swithun Way.

Tues 3rd November
St. Cross

Wentworth Grange, Airlie Road, Ranelagh Road, Christchurch Road, Beaufort Road, Edgar Road, Lansdowne Avenue, St Cross Road, Kingsgate Road, Clausentum Road, St Faiths Road, Kingsgate Road, Norman Road.

Weds 4th November
Stanmore & Battery Hill

Kilham Lane, Woodfield Drive, Romsey Road, Battery Hill, Mildway Street, Wavell Way, Minden Way, Walpole Road, Fox Lane, Chatham Road.

Thurs 5th November
Teg Down & Bereweeke

Teg Down Meads, Grovelands Road, Sermon Road, Webster Road, Teg Down Meads, Hillside Road, Bradley Peak, Goring Field, Teg Down Meads, Dean Lane, Stoney Lane, St Matthews Road, Verhham Road, Bereweeke Road, Lynford Avenue, Lyndford Way.

Fri 6th November

Highcliffe Road/Canute Road, St Catherines View, St Catherines Road, Vale Road, Portal Road, Milland Road, Vale Road, Dell Road, St Leonards Road, Gordon Avenue, Fivefields Road, Nelson Road.