Road Closures

We are grateful for the support and understanding of the local community for our temporary road closures for this event, which helps to keep everyone safe whilst creating vital funds for local community projects. Thank you.

Before The Event (18.00 till 19.30)

  • North Walls at the Junction with Andover Road/Stockbridge Road/Sussex Street
  • Hyde Street at the Junction with North Walls
  • Hyde Abbey Road
  • Park Ave
  • Eastgate St turning into Friarsgate, traffic will only be able to go straight on to the roundabout
  • The Broadway
  • Southgate Street at the Junction with Jewry Street

After The Event 20:00 – 21:00 (estimated)

  • North Walls
  • St Peter Street
  • Middle Brook Street
  • Parchment Street
  • Lower Brook Street
  • Park Ave
  • Hyde Street junction with North Walls
  • Exit from St Peters Car park will be closed until the crowds have dispersed and Police will take robust action towards any motorist attempting to drive through the crowd.